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Women, especially middle-partisan women who are likely to vote across District 5 need to see and hear widely that Heidi Campbell will fight to protect and expand our freedoms, especially to keep government out of our bedrooms, and not allow government to dictate who we can love or how we live our lives. This includes:

  • Freedom for women to control health care decisions and have safe access to abortions 

  • Freedom for families to know their Social Security and Medicare are safe from Republicans who want to cut them

  • Freedom for children to be safe from gun violence in school

  • Freedom for seniors to know that their medications and health care will be affordable


They should also see widely that Andy Ogles is an extreme MAGA Trump Republican who favors criminalizing abortion and wants to use the government to tell us how to live and think, including what is allowed to be taught in schools, who we are allowed love, and what books we can read. He has also made clear that he favors eliminating social security and Medicare, breaking the promise our country has made to seniors.

Secondly, likely Democratic voters need to be reminded in their mailboxes and on their screens that Heidi is a leader who will go to Washington and stop a federal ban on abortion, and that Andy Ogles believes that women should never be allowed to seek an abortion, for any reason, and would criminalize women for crossing state lines to seek needed healthcare.

Low-turnout Democratic voters should see in their mailboxes that their neighbors are going to vote in this election because they know voting for Heidi is our best shot at protecting our freedoms, especially our freedom to choose.



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