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Accessible Childcare

In Tennessee, about half of our state is a childcare desert—so it’s no coincidence we have two open jobs for every available worker. 


Parents shouldn’t have to choose between working and making sure their kids are taken care of. But millions of parents are locked out of the workforce because they have to care for a child at home.


Making high-quality child care affordable and accessible is key to growing our economy and strengthening the middle class. 


Freedom for families means that every working parent has access to child care and high-quality early education, like preschool. 


It’s also a disgrace that the United States is the only industrialized country in the world with no national paid family leave policy. 


We fix it by putting freedom for families first. 


Access to reliable and affordable child care and paid family leave will result not only in the financial stability of working families, but also economic growth and global competitiveness. 

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