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Affordability & Accessibility

Nashville is a rapidly growing city in the heart of one of the fastest growing regions in America. Over time as we have seen both an increase in population and industry, the accessibility and affordability of our city has dramatically declined. The pandemic, paired with record low interest rates, created a wave of relocations, and drove prices even further out of reach for renters and property owners alike. Housing advocates estimate some 20,000 people in our city are currently without permanent shelter.


Affordability is not limited to how much it costs to put a roof overhead, or food on the table, it also includes how much people have to spend on childcare and transportation. Making high-quality childcare affordable and accessible is key to growing our economy and strengthening our workforce. 


While the state legislature has stripped the ability of local governments to require developers to include affordable housing as part of the planning process, there are still a number of ways to tackle the issue at the local level. As mayor, I will harness the full power of public and private partnerships, such as the Barnes Housing Trust Fund, which has leveraged more than $933 million in federal and private funds to deliver 4000 affordable housing units. In order for Nashville to continue its ascent as a global economic center, we must ensure that people can actually afford to live, work, and raise a family here in Music City.

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