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Affordable Healthcare

Working families should never go broke just because a child or loved one got sick or hurt in an accident.


But that’s exactly what’s happening. With family insurance deductibles sometimes over $10,000 and premiums eating more of our paychecks, our health care system is pushing Americans into medical debt on a massive scale.

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We have to take action to reduce health care costs, lower the cost of prescriptions and make our health care system easier to navigate. 


The health of our families is more important than the bottom line of health insurance companies.


But first, we must stop efforts by Congressional Republicans to repeal the progress we’ve made. They would allow insurance companies to once again discriminate against Americans with preexisting conditions, like asthma and diabetes. They’d also allow insurance companies to reinstate annual coverage caps and to kick your college student off your coverage. And they’d put Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping block every five years, endangering health coverage for some of the most vulnerable Americans. 


In this nation, no working family should be forced to suffer from pain or illness just because they can’t afford the doctor or medicine.


A healthy economy requires healthy families and communities with strong hospitals and high-quality health care workers. That’s healthcare freedom for families. 

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