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Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis legalization is a matter when — not if. The longer we wait, the more harm we do to families and our economy. 


It is ridiculous that states, like Tennessee, are spending millions in tax dollars to lock people up for a plant that is legal in places right across our border. 


We also leave billions of dollars on the table by rejecting a policy more consistent with the rest of the country. When we do legalize, we will create thousands of jobs in rural communities that need new economic opportunities and new small businesses that push our economy forward. 


It’s also the right thing to do for our patients and people coping with health issues, like our veterans who say medical cannabis helps them live a fuller life with less pain. 


Let’s spread justice and jobs with cannabis reform. It’s time. 


And while we continue to push for legalization, we should at least re-schedule on the federal level immediately. This reform would encourage better state policy that recognizes the overwhelming statewide support for expansion. 

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