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Clean Energy Future

Every Tennessee family deserves the freedom to breathe clean air, drink clean water and live in a healthy community. But we have work to do if we’re going to pass that promise onto the next generation and leave our water, air and land better than we found it.


It’s time to embrace a clean energy future for America. We can fight climate change and its worst effects with clean energy investments in good American jobs that build our infrastructure to be more resilient against extreme weather and lower energy costs for families.


And the time to act is now. From hurricanes and record flooding to droughts and historic wildfires, we’ve seen the effects of climate change firsthand. It’s claiming lives and causing billions of dollars in economic damages that disproportionately impact our most vulnerable communities. 


Clean energy will make us stronger too. The record high fuel prices earlier this summer served as a stark reminder that we must focus on becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. We should continue incentivizing clean energy initiatives that bring good paying jobs and economic benefit to communities, like the new Ford electric vehicle plant in West Tennessee. 


If we don’t have a habitable planet, everything else is irrelevant.

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