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Fair Taxation

Americans used to know that if they worked hard and played by the rules, they'd be able to take care of their families, send their kids to college, and have a secure retirement, but today, the rules have been rewritten by lobbyists for billionaires and big campaign donors.


We should return to the basic idea that built the greatest economy on earth: that everyone plays by the same rules and pays their fair share.


There are about 800 billionaires in America and their average tax rate is about 8%.


Billionaires and giant corporations posting record profits should not be paying a lower tax rate than construction workers, teachers and firefighters.


We should stop rewarding corporations that ship American jobs overseas and stop asking middle class taxpayers to fund tax breaks for big oil.


It’s long overdue that big corporations and the super wealthy start paying their fair share—just like working and middle class families do.


That would help our country make smart investments for families, pay down the debt and fight back against inflation.


Americans should be working their way into the middle class — not falling out of it. Our tax code should reflect those values.

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