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Fiscal Responsibility

Families have to keep a responsible budget—Congress should too. 

As a small town mayor, a small business owner, and, frankly, a mom, fiscal responsibility is one of my top priorities.


When I got elected mayor of Oak Hill in 2014, I inherited a budget mess. A decision by the state legislature, made beyond our control, cut a major source of revenue for the town. And, under the previous mayor, our reserves had dwindled by 50%.


So I did what moms do. We looked at every budget item and we made some hard decisions to get our house in order.


We eliminated some contracts and did the work ourselves. We cut down on spending. And I even eliminated my own salary as mayor. 


When I left office we’d completely replenished our reserves and more — all without the lost state revenue.


This year’s federal budget deficit is projected to be more than a trillion dollars lower than last year’s budget — that’s the largest ever one-year decline in our country’s history.


This kind of fiscal discipline is in my DNA, and, in Congress, I will be a voice for responsible budgets.

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