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Freedom and American Leadership Abroad

The key to America’s strength on the world stage is the strength of our international alliances in security, trade and in defense of freedom. If America is to lead the world in fighting global threats to our health and safety, economies and democracy, we must start by renewing our commitment to these values at home.


America should lead by example and show the world what it takes to meet shared challenges no one nation can solve on its own, from climate change to nuclear proliferation, from unprovoked military aggression to terrorism, from cyberwarfare to mass migration. Standing on the sidelines while these urgent crises boil over surrenders our position in the world to those who want America to fail.


Our foreign policy should also strengthen America’s middle class. We all want to see the words “Made in America” on products sold around the globe. Becoming the world’s leader in manufacturing and agriculture is not only essential to our economic security — it’s essential to our national security. Imagine if our grandparents had fought World War II without factories and American-grown food. To achieve these results for working families, it's time we negotiate trade agreements that lift workers up and stop bringing the pay and benefits of American workers down to the level of Mexico and China. 

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