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Public Education: Investing in Our Future

Tennessee ranks 44th in the country in school funding. We spend about $4,000 dollars less per student than the national average. Our children deserve better. We can serve them best by fully funding our schools–investing in our kids is an investment in our future. Every child in Davidson County deserves access to a high-quality public education, regardless of where they live, the color of their skin, or how much money their parents earn. 


Nashville schools have been and always will be a top priority for me as a public servant. As mayor, I will be a champion for public schools and will treat our educators and school staff like the true professionals they are. Many of our teachers are underpaid, overworked s/heroes who sacrifice each day to provide our kids with the education and life skills they need to thrive. As a senator, I have championed efforts to improve teacher pay, and to increase the number of reading interventionists, counselors, and school nurses across the state. I also understand that to fully fund our schools, we must work cooperatively at the local, state, and federal levels to secure the necessary resources for our kids' future.

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