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Waste & Sustainability 


As one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, our region is piling up waste and construction debris at astronomical rates. In fact, most of our regional landfills will reach capacity in the next several years. Solving Nashville’s waste problem requires a coordinated effort at the local, regional, and state levels to identify long term solutions.  


As mayor of Oak Hill, I served on the regional Solid Waste Board through the inception and development of a zero waste master plan which outlines options at different funding levels for addressing our waste issues. As a member of the Senate Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, I have gained a deep understanding of the impacts regional landfills can have on the air, water, and local communities in which they operate.  


As mayor, I will work with colleagues across Middle Tennessee to find more sustainable solutions to our waste challenges. I will use the office to encourage and support Davidson County residents and businesses to reduce their individual footprint through recycling and waste reduction programs. It is our responsibility to serve as stewards of our resources, and to ensure the challenges of today are not left for future generations to solve. 

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