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Hi, I’m Heidi Campbell and I'm running to be Nashville’s next mayor.

Nashville is at crossroads. Are we building a city to visit or a city to live in? I believe it can be both, but we need balanced leadership to make that happen. As a mayor of a satellite city in Davidson County I learned about metro government from the ground up, serving on the solid waste board, the greater Nashville Regional Council, the Mayor’s Caucus, the Transit Alliance, the South Corridor Task Force, and the Oak Hill Planning Commission. As a state senator, I have a deep understanding of the complicated relationship Nashville has with the state government. And as a mother and a leader, I know how to navigate conflict. I spent the past year fighting for Nashville as the Democratic nominee for the 5th congressional district. I’m proud of the race we ran and the coalitions and relationships that our team built during the process and I know that I can build on the goodwill and positivity that we generated to nurture and protect our hometown.

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