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Mom. Mayor. Senator.
Candidate for U.S. Congress.
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My name is Heidi Campbell and I'm running for U.S. Congress

When you grow up in Middle Tennessee, you already know how special it is: communities defined by the land, our shared values, and the character of her people...where the bridges that connect us are much stronger than forces that aim to divide us.

As a Mom, a Mayor and a Senator, I believe common sense and common ground have become much too uncommon in today’s politics. 

We will always be stronger united than we are divided.

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Meet Heidi

Heidi Campbell isn’t your typical politician. She’s a mom who loves her family and community—and that’s where her story starts. 

Meet Heidi

About a decade ago, Heidi and her husband Andrew were happily raising their two kids, attending soccer games and swim meets, and building a good life in their Oak Hill neighborhood.


About that time, a big developer announced that it intended to lobby city hall to turn a beloved residential green space into another strip mall. Families were upset, but didn’t feel like their voices were being heard.


So Heidi started hitting doors and making calls to her neighbors. She built a people-powered, grassroots campaign to protect the neighborhood — and she won. 


It was then she decided to run for office. Heidi was first elected Vice Mayor of her small town, where she also served on the planning commission. Then she was elected Mayor of Oak Hill, where she fixed a major budget deficit from the previous administration and even eliminated her own salary to cut costs. 


Heidi served two successful terms as Oak Hill mayor where her top focus was fixing problems. But oftentimes, she saw the Tennessee General Assembly standing in the way of progress, creating division instead of solutions. 


Heidi Campbell, Tennessee Senator 

Concerned about the direction of the legislature, Heidi ran for the Tennessee Senate believing that we needed more reasonable, compassionate leaders who will rise above division politics to deliver results for working families and small businesses. And she won again. 


In the Tennessee Senate, Heidi has been a champion for public school students, teachers and their families—standing up to efforts that defund our local school districts. She’s achieved victories for veterans and commuters who want transportation solutions like rail. 


Heidi has led the fight to legalize cannabis so we stop wasting tax dollars on incarceration and start creating jobs. And she’s focused on ideas that lower healthcare costs for families.


She’s hammered the administration for wasteful, no-bid contracts where well-connected businesses got a goldmine and taxpayers got the shaft. And she’s been a consistent voice in protecting our land, even working across the aisle to save thousands of acres of hardwood forest from clear-cutting.


Heidi Campbell, a concerned parent running for Congress

Once again, Heidi is concerned about the future. While radical politicians are focused on taking rights away from our families and spreading lies about past elections, our freedom to build a good life and leave a bright future for our kids is slipping away for too many families, business owners, and family farms. 


The people elected to Congress are supposed to have our backs, but too many only care about the wealth of their campaign contributors or staying in power. 


Tennesseans are tired of billionaire handouts, divisiveness and lies. They want results for working families. They want adults in the room, coming together and finding common sense solutions that prioritize freedom for our families over big corporate special interests. 


Government is supposed to be us—nothing more and nothing less. Concerned citizens working together to solve problems none of us can solve alone. Like protecting our way of life, fighting for working families and strengthening the middle class. 


To do that, Congress has to focus on freedom for families first: That means every hardworking person, small business owner and family farmer has the tools to build a good life – tools like affordable healthcare, childcare, education and energy. They want a responsible budget that invests in our future and lowers costs for American families. 

Heidi’s family

Heidi grew up in Middle Tennessee. She and her husband Andrew are now raising their two children and pet Goldendoodles at their home in the town Oak Hill near Radnor Lake, one of her favorite spots in Davidson County.


Her father is a renowned cardiologist. Her mother, is a former nurse, teacher, actress and poet. Her sister is a doctor and a science teacher, and her brother is a urologist. 

When she's not working, you'll likely find her at a soccer field, hiking a local trail, or reading a good book.

More about Heidi
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor of more than 100 bills during the Tennessee General Assembly

  • First female Senator for Tennessee Senate District 20

  • Chair of the Davidson County Legislative Delegation

  • Member of the Government Operations Committee with oversight of all government programs

  • Member of the Tennessee General Assembly’s Fiscal Review Committee

  • Member of the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

  • Board Member of Rochelle Center

  • First female Mayor of Oak Hill 

  • Member of the Greater Nashville Regional Council’s Mayor Caucus working on long-term solutions for smart growth, resilient infrastructure, managing municipal waste, and developing our home care workforce

  • Former music industry executive

  • Songwriter and musician who toured and recorded with her band, The Keep

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Campbell for Congress

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