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Freedom for families first


Every hard working family, small business owner and family farmer should have the freedom to build a good life. 


But for too many Americans that freedom is being chipped away by greed and misplaced priorities.


My pledge to you is that I will always put freedom for families first. 


Billionaires and giant corporations have too much influence over Congress and it’s costing our families in healthcare, housing, childcare and energy.


This isn’t about partisan politics, I’m running for Congress because we need results for working and middle-class families.


I will fight for good American jobs and benefits, healthcare you can afford to use, lowering the cost of living and guaranteeing the right to vote — that’s real freedom.


No matter what your family looks like or where you live, we all deserve the tools and opportunity to build a good life for our families and a fair shot at success.


And that’s my pledge to the people of Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District: Freedom for families first. 

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